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About The Owner

Meet Ward Blanchard II, owner of A League of Extraordinary Movers. Ward has been actively working in the Ft. Lauderdale moving industry for three decades and has built a tremendous reputation for fair and honest business practices and exceptional customer service.

"As a family-owned, local business we understand that our valued customers are our greatest asset. Our ability to provide exceptional, personalized services is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and we will make every effort to earn your highest praise. So, LET'S GET READY TO MOVE!"
- Ward Blanchard III - Owner A League of Extraordinary Movers

Building A Better Moving Industry

Ward Blanchard II, owner and president of A League of Extraordinary Movers, has been involved in the Broward County Moving and Storage Industry since 1978. To this day Mr. Blanchard and his team are fighting for your rights and working to build a better moving industry.

Mr. Blanchard has been a guest speaker on South Florida's WQAM talk radio advocating for consumer rights and the elimination of predatory practices in the Ft. Lauderdale moving industry. He has worked with Broward County Commissioners and assisted in the creation of new laws which regulate movers in South Florida.

Some Of The Things We Do Every Day

Every now and then you run into a situation where a client's furniture just will not fit in the elevator and can not be carried up the stairwell. This is where many moving companies will falter, but not A League of Extraordinary Movers.

We pride ourselves on being high-rise specialists and getting this customer's sofa to the seventh floor was no easy task, but nothing The League can't manage.

More Of The Things We Do Every Day

Ever moved a three-thousand pound floor safe? Would you even know where to start? A League of Extraordinary Movers can manage virtually any move. From fine art and antiquities to family hierlooms and one and a half ton floor safes.

Have you got a specialty item that you don't trust to an ordinary moving company? Call A League of Extraordinary Movers and Let's Get Ready To Move!

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